Super Alpha Test (Tech Demo)

UPDATE:  Due to major updates in the server, this client no longer works.  Stay tuned for further releases!

Hi all,
Today I am releasing a super alpha version of the game so far.
However, it's still not much of a game. This is more like a tech demo.
This is mainly to get some very early feedback on what I've got so far,
to gauge the interest in it.
I also hope to pull in a bunch of testers to help me further develop the multiplayer aspect of the game.

Please note that it's still really buggy and unpolished, I also don't have a production server and am using my development server.
So expect plenty of downtimes and broken server communication.
Also, the game was developed with an Android 1.5 (stock G1) and doesn't fully work with 2.0+ just yet.
Make sure you have TasKiller ready, you'll need it.

So with that said:
You can download the latest alpha apk here.
Use the signup word: 'douchebag'

Features so far:
Signing up for an account
Camera movement via trackball
Touch based movement, click on the tile where you want to move to.
Area to area teleportation, just step over some of the NPCs and you'll get teleported. (not polished)
NPC/Event/Player activation. Long touch a player or npc for the player menu to come up.
Tile animation, check out the water move.
Remote player display and movement (not fully polished)
Character name display (though it hurts FPS, it'll be optional)
Zone chat
All multiplayer enabled

Feedback, Comments, Questions, Testers, etc: