Status Report 2/19/10

So, after a good 6 months of development for my game it seems that things are coming along nicely.

So here's a status of how things are going:

Android 2d Engine (Completed Features):
  • Loading areas and displaying rendering to screen
  • Independent frame-rate animated tiles/sprites
  • Pixel based camera movement
  • Character/Object loading/rendering

Android 2d Engine (Upcoming Features):
  • Pixel based character/movement inside the area (DONE!)
  • Character idle animation
  • Render strings. (i.e. player names/levels/status)
C++ Area Editor (Completed Features)
  • Loading previously saved areas.
  • Editing and saving areas.
  • Editing tileset properties (Tileset Editor).
  • Works on Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.
  • No immediate upcoming features.

Master Server (Completed Features)
  • Validating users
  • Pathfinding character movement
  • Track object/character positions/status/collisions

Master Server (Upcoming Features)
  • Save player information